About Us

ohotraining.com is one of the leading IT training platform that will help students and to learn software, technology and creative skills to help achieve their personal and professional goals. Through online IT training the members will be having access to engaging, top-quality courses that are taught by industry renowned experts. OHO Training helps students,  graduates and learners to develop software, creative and business skills. This will enhance their existing portfolios and make them industry ready. OHO Training is a global platform for success.

Organization all around the globe are coming to us to develop people who will be maximizing their returns on technology. We offer topical IT training courses to ensure that you receive latest skills, learn the best practices in the market and have the knowledge that will help you to earn the must-have IT certifications. When you train with us you will be powering technology. We are one of the world’s leading training platform and we offer online training on major IT courses where the technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and the demand for qualified professionals is significantly exceeding the supply.

Based in the US we are helping over thousands of students and companies across the US to get trainers, acquire certifications and up-skill themselves. The training courses are designed and updated by more than 100 renowned industry experts and the blended learning will ensure that you get the desired result. We have a vibrant community of experts and certified professionals who are a powerful resource who offer you a pool of tips and insightful advice. The courses are pocket friendly and can be customized as per needs.

OHO Training will be going beyond traditional training techniques with a modern approach to improve the adoption of skills and to accelerate the implementation of technical and business processes that are needed to improve the IT service delivery. Contact us now to develop structured learning paths and implementation services to extend the value of training long after the training event has concluded.

Why Choose Us

We aim to transform individuals as well as companies to enhance their capabilities and competencies through a tailor-made training place. Our approach to achieve this is by committing ourselves to understand the needs of the students and stakeholders plus keep our interests in balance. A strong partnering culture is what we believe in and we select the staff based on qualifications, experience, and interaction with the trainees and market needs. We are focused on giving outcome focused courses at discounted prices that you will never find anywhere in the US.  We also help in planning the trainees future too after the industry oriented training and help them in getting certification.


OHO Training’s mission is to kindle the boundless creative potential of graduates, faculty, corporate, and individuals by providing best services. Our mission is to help the individuals to identify and achieve their growth and development and realizing their career goals. Adopting highest standards of service in terms of quality and aiming to cultivate professional competence and provide effective business and training solutions. Hiring competent and certified trainers with a whole lot of experience and measuring them against strict criteria of competence and behavior and validating it for their intellectual capacity.


To empower the students with proper content, methodology, technology, values and to make learning a joyous experience and be a single platform that is providing solutions for all the educational needs globally. We are committed to deliver world-class professional services to individuals and firms to break the cycle of dependency and increase the productivity at the workplace. We work in partnership with reputable trainers and reputable entities to achieve and deliver excellence in the provision to the customers. We believe in providing affordable training to all.




Strongly recommend Oho Training!!!. This is the place for learning IT courses and thanks to my friend who suggested me to come here. It is not superficial and the courses and trainers are lightweight and at the same time not too geeky.



OMG OMG OMG! My dream course at the best discounted price. Where were you OHO Training all this while?


Rahul Chandan

Overall a good Selenium course for the best price and I got a lot out of it, very engaging until latter more difficult topics appeared. It was a cakewalk for me all thanks to the trainer at OHO Training.



The course is well organized covering all the details of the fundamentals required to become a JAVA certified expert.