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Business Intelligence is said to be a set of theories and methodologies that are currently being used to handle huge amounts of data and information thus assisting managers with decision making. Knowledge management is said to be the process of capturing, storing, retrieving and distributing the knowledge equally in a business for use by others in the business thus improving the quality and efficiency of decision making across the firm.

You can now learn how to make use of data analytics and make better business decisions with OHO Training curriculum. With the business intelligence training course topics spanning from big data, business analysis, SharePoint etc. you can now gain all the skills that are needed to boost the capabilities through improved metrics as well as analysis.

bi reporting tools online training

bi reporting tools online training

Oh yes! We have many trainers who are ready to offer business intelligence online training that will enable the learner to study all the study information tools that are used to assist decision-makers and thus describe the process known as decision-making. The course is particularly interesting to business professionals who want to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of all the benefits of business intelligence and knowledge management systems.

There are no pre-requisites for taking up the course and it is meant for IT and managing professionals who have some knowledge in databases. Knowing Big data is also an added bonus as it plays an important role in understanding as well as executing BI.

How is BI used in organizations

Bi can be used to get help in decision making at all levels of an organization with the product, market and trend analysis that is being in all leading areas. When coming to the tactical used it can be used to forecast, performance management, marketing, planning along with profitability analysis.

Business professionals as well as analysts are like hot cakes in the IT industry and they are the sole people who will be working in the improvement plans thus giving a breakthrough in the project implementations. There is a need to grow in the industry too when it comes to business and constant analysis.

Here are the course objectives

The Course goes with the aim that you must understand the key concepts such as.

  • Basic understanding of Building a warehouse
  • About the data mining process in detail.
  • Impact of the Data warehouse on the Business
  • Understand the concepts of OLAP Database and Reporting
  • Conceptualizing the various data mining models
  • Know the management of knowledge and its based systems
  • Concepts of Decision tree making and neural networks
  • About the basic data risks and the methodology to contain them
  • Data visualization techniques

Who must go for this course?

The Business Intelligence online course, is being one of the grossing courses that is being taught by many Business Intelligence trainers. Officially it is called as Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) that enables few set of people who are capable and responsible in handling the SQL server. The following set of people can do this course:

  1. Freshers
  2. IT Professionals
  3. Business Analysts
  4. BI Professionals
  5. System analysts
  6. Project managers

What does the training cover?

The business intelligence classes will begin with the following:-

  • Introduction to Bi and the needs and benefits
  • BI life cycle and management systems functions
  • Data Management
  • OLAP (Online analytical processing): Evolution, features, and functions
  • Dashboards
  • Dimensional modeling and metadata
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Analytics Concepts and terminologies
  • Requirement Assessment
  • Design: Data and architectural design
  • Implementation
  • Performance Measurement
  • Advanced BI
  • Future Trends and case studies

What are the uses of the course

The course is designed to give students the students some knowledge, skills, and understanding of business intelligence to enable them to operate effectively and professionally as well in the application of business intelligence in industry, commerce, and research.

The course will be helping you to demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of a huge range of specialized theories, principles, concepts, and technologies that are related to the application of business intelligence including transactional processing and analysis.

You can demonstrate all the current issues that you may face at the forefront of business intelligence.

You can employ a huge range of research and other specialized technique to plan and to execute a significant research project to extract information from the data.


Business Intelligence Basics

  • What Business Value Does BI Deliver?
  • BI Problems: Then and Now
  • Components of a BI Solution
  • BI Terminology: OLTP and OLAP
  • BI Terminology: Dashboards and Scorecards
  • BI Terminology: Extract, Transform, Load and Reporting Tools
  • The BA Process in Business Intelligence Initiatives
  • How the Business Analyst Delivers Business Value
  • The BA Process in Business Intelligence Initiatives
  • How the Business Analyst Delivers Business Value

Building Your BI Strategy

  • Why a Business Intelligence Meta Model?
  • The BIMM as a Brainstorming Tool
  • Other Brainstorming Tools
  • Outcomes and Insights
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Information and Structure
  • Data
  • Timeboxing
  • MoSCoW Analysis
  • 2 x 2 Matrix
  • Example: A Poorly Formed Outcome
  • IIBA Requirement Definitions
  • Business Requirements
  • Example: Business Requirement

Evaluating Readiness for Business Intelligence

  • Strategy Analysis
  • Introducing Your Planning Spreadsheet
  • Every Business Has a BI System or Solution
  • Three Skill Sets Needed For Business Intelligence
  • Level 1: Informal
  • Level 2: Defined
  • Level 3: Managed
  • Level 4: Controlled
  • Level 5: Optimized
  • What Are Business Drivers?
  • Evaluating Your Maturity Level
  • Example: Enabling Technologies for BI
  • Identifying Enterprise Systems and Data
  • How Is Enterprise Data Stored?
  • Understanding Your Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Other Definitions of Data Governance
  • Areas of Focus
  • Who Manages Data Governance?

Dealing With Data

  • Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Designing Standardized Business Metadata
  • Source Data Selection
  • Data Selection Issues
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)
  • Specifying ETL Rules
  • Moving Data to a Data Warehouse
  • Denormalization
  • OLTP vs. OLAP
  • OLAP Terminology
  • Value of OLAP

Organizing a Business Intelligence Competency Center

  • Six Challenges of Business Intelligence
  • The Value of the BICC
  • Supporting Stakeholders
  • Supporting Business Strategy
  • Sharing Knowledge Throughout the Organization
  • Benefits and Disadvantages of the BICC
  • Why Is a BICC Important?
  • The Goal of a BICC: Information Democracy
  • How Is a BICC Established?
  • Functional Areas in the BICC
  • Job Roles in the BICC
  • BICC Scalability
  • Organizing the BICC

Solving Business Problems With BI

  • Organizational Issues
  • Reporting on BI Data
  • KPI Elements
  • KPI Indicators
  • Digital Dashboards
  • Balanced Scorecards



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Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
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people learn to code and develop applications.


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