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Cognos BI is a web-based reporting as well as an analysis tool that can perform data aggregation as well as the facility to create very good user-friendly detailed reports. IBM Cognos will be giving you a huge range of advanced features that can be used as an enterprise software with the ability to give flexible reporting environment in large as well as medium enterprises. It also provides you with an option to export your reports into XML or a PDF too. IBM Cognos provides a wide range of features and can be considered as an enterprise software to provide flexible reporting environment and can be used for large and medium enterprises. It meets the needs of Power Users, Analysts, Business Managers and Company Executives.

Most of the power users as well as analysts are using Cognos to create ad-hoc reports and can create many views of similar data. Business executives will be wanting to see the data in dashboard styles and cross tabs. Since the course is an advanced topic, you must know that the content is prepared in mind keeping the requirements of a beginner and the reader must be familiar with some fundamentals of running as well as viewing reports or managing schedules.

cognos online training

cognos online training

Who is using Cognos?

Considering the fact that it provides a huge range of features, it can be considered as an enterprise software that can give flexible reporting in big and medium-sized firms. It meets all the demands of power users, analysts, business managers and well as company executives. There are many power users and analysts who may feel the need to create these ad-hoc report to create multiple views of the same data and sometimes business executives may want to see a summarized view of the data in a dashboard-style with complete crosstabs and visualizations. Cognos allows both the options for all the set of users.

Sounds interesting, Now where do I need to take up training?

You are the right place as trainers are here to provide you updated Cognos training classes at OHO Training all over the US and as a graduate, you can take up the course. The topic though a little advances the content will be prepared to keep in mind the requirements of a beginner as the student must sound familiar with the fundamentals of running and viewing reports or managing schedules and other user permission before they take up the course.

What will be taught in the course?

The IBM Cognos training course will be beginning with

1)Introduction to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and analytics tool

2)Cognos BI Architecture

3)IBM Cognos Framework Manager Modelling

4)creating custom queries by editing SQL statement

5)IBM Cognos Advance Framework Manager and Performance Improvement

6)IBM Report Studio

7)creating reports using Report Studio

8)Reporting using Filters, Formatting, Charts.

9)Reports using Prompts and calculations.

10)Advance Report Building Techniques

11)Drilling through Reports

12)Report Distribution using Bursting

13)Statistical and Cognos Active Reports

14)Active Reports – Multi-Dimensional and Advance Dimensional Reporting.

15)Transformer-multi-dimensional data Modelling

16)Transformer-Dynamic Cubes and its advanced features.

17)Analyzing and Administering Queries

18)Cognos Developer Project

Are there any prerequisites for learning Cognos and who can take the course?

No there are no such prerequisites for learning Cognos. But however, if you have a basic idea of SQL then it will help. Any graduate with a degree is eligible to take up the course. Coming to who can take up the course

  1. ETL Developer
  2. BI Pros
  3. Database architects
  4. SQL Developers
  5. Mainframe professionals
  6. Business Object professionals
  7. Project managers
  8. Fresher’s and STEM graduates

Oh Yes! We have plenty of trainers who are with us to give you IBM Cognos online training at the convenience of you. Yes, you can have face to face training with them at the convenience of your home at the time you wish and customize the course as per the need. Live online training for Cognos is given by certified and industry expert trainers. You can also have on demand dedicated cloud lab with LMS access. You can schedule the training for regular online, fast track and weekend batches too. Real world use cases and scenarios will be explained in detail as part of the course with the screen being shared with you.


  • Basic Concepts of data warehousing
  • Data warehouse architectures
  • Some characteristics of data warehouse data
  • The reconciled data layer
  • Data transformation
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • Why is BI important and where can we use it
  • Components of BI
  • Business Intelligence Roadmap
  • What is Data warehouse, why do we need it
  • Data warehouse architecture and its components
  • Define star schema – fact and dimensions
  • Understand OLTP and OLAP Systems
  • Introduce Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Examine the different studios in Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Identify the different data sources within the studios
  • Highlight key capabilities of Cognos 10.1 BI
  • Understand Cognos multi layered architecture
  • Create and modify a data source
  • Create database backups
  • Understand roles users and groups
  • Specify permission settings
  • What is Cognos connection
  • Examine Cognos connection UI elements – create a URL, Login, Logoff
  • Entry properties: General Properties, Permission, Report, Query, Analysis, Job, Agent and Page Properties
  • Navigation – Public and Private Folder
  • Open reports with report name, Go to links, Run reports from a view
  • Run Reports – Prompt Pages, Printing a report and Open in excel
  • View the run history of a report and historical reports
  • Closing and creating quick links to reports – my folder
  • Shortcut and browser bookmark
  • Personalize Cognos connection
  • Backups – Export of Cognos
  • Content store or select items for backups
  • Restore an exported backup
  • Create and customize a page and share a single page with multiple users
  • Introduction to framework manager
  • Framework manager basics
  • User interface, navigation, objects
  • Planning the project and data model, framework manager workflow
  • Naming conventions for objects in a project
  • Designing project
  • Create project
  • Importing metadata from one and more sources
  • Exporting metadata
  • Data sources
  • Working with data source connections
  • Create and modify data sources
  • Improve performance by setting query processing type
  • Preparing relational metadata for use in reports
  • Verifying relationships
  • Working with dimensions
  • Working with query
  • Subjects – data, model and stored procedure query subject
  • Working with query items- set usage and aggregate property
  • Making metadata available to report authors
  • Verify model
  • Set governors
  • Improving performance
  • Create and modify package
  • Controlling access to metadata
  • Explore package publish package
  • Guideline for modelling metadata
  • Best practices – presentation and database layers
  • Merge metadata
  • Perform calculations and filer
  • Introduction to query studio
  • Create reports (List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Charts)
  • Changing the appearance of reports (Format)
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Filters and prompts
  • Subtotals and calculations
  • Drill through reports
  • Introduction to Analysis Studio
  • Creating a basic analysis
  • Working with data in crosstab
  • Exploring data
  • Limiting data
  • Calculating data
  • Sharing data
  • Introduction to report studio
  • Report studio user interface
  • Creating, save and run reports
  • Report templates
  • Managing reports
  • Types of reports
  • List reports
  • Crosstab reports charts
  • Formatting a report
  • Report layout guidelines
  • Fonts, styles, header, footer and orders
  • Insert objects
  • Swap columns and rows
  • Working with data
  • Filters, parameters and prompts
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Subtotals and calculations
  • Working with queries
  • Working with reports
  • Managing changes in the package
  • Conditional formatting
  • Drill-through reports
  • Drill-up / drill-down reports
  • Master-detail reports
  • Scheduling reports



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He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
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