configuration management online training

Configuration Management Online Training with Free tutorials

Configuration Management (CM) is the business process that helps the team to rapidly develop, package, and deliver quality software. It is much ahead of your competitors as it includes the management of all essential artifacts that are created during the software lifecycle. Right from the source code to documentation and test cases with a strong focus on the rapidly developing automated build, package as well as deployment processes which have the ability to handle the multiple variants of the same codebase.

configuration management online training

configuration management online training

It has been an integral part of sound management practices and configuration managers are said to be vital as part of the management team both as a manager as well as agents of change thus continuing to see an increase in importance in today’s high tech environment. Now with the release of the new standards, the emphasis has now been shifted to the contractor to develop configuration management online training and processes that will implement good practices.


OHO Training has a group of trainers who take up configuration management training courses thus helping the team to achieve excellence and whether the development model is Agile or waterfall thus implementing the essential IT controls in compliance with the regulatory requirements that include SOX and HIPAA.


The practical course will be using real-life scenarios to consolidate the knowledge and skills that are needed to implement and maintain configuration management effectively, which including the ability to identify items requiring configuration management and run the change control processes. The course also assumes basic awareness of the principles of configuration management throughout the life cycle of an equipment project. The aspirant will be learning the following:


  • How to run an effective Configuration Management process
  • Identify the various items that are requiring Configuration Management through an understanding of their physical and functional characteristics
  • Learn how to implement the configuration change and the control processes
  • Interpret and respond to audit findings

This course is sure to increase your skills and the knowledge that will enable you to progress in your chosen career.


Who Should do the course


The following people can take up the course

  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Architects
  • STEM graduates and Freshers who are looking for a career.


How the course will be helping the aspitants


The course will be helping to provide a good framework for the use of basic to complex configuration management methodologies in government as well as in commercial designs. The course is designed to mainly give a comprehensive knowledge of all the CM basics to those who have nil to limited experience and for those who desire an understanding of the application of CM. The purpose of the course is to introduce the participants to the principles of the standards and explain all the activities of a comprehensive configuration management process thus leading to a quality end product and the associated lifecycle processes.


The course is designed to help interested individuals and the organizations to accomplish Configuration Management of a complex system within the framework of a new Configuration Management philosophy thus resulting in new acquisition reform, and the proliferation of information technology with the slow emergence of Industry Standards.


What are the course objectives


As part of the configuration management course online you will be learning the following


  1. You will be getting an Introduction to Configuration Management and Evolution of CM-Past, Present and Future Elements of CM
  2. You will learn about the Product Life cycle Phases and CM’s Role in Program Management
  3. You will learn the Purpose and Benefits of CM and the Hardware/Software Development Cycle.
  4. You will know how to define the Functional, Performance and Physical Attributes
  5. You will know how to determine the Configuration Management Baselines and identification and Control of External Product Interfaces.
  6. You will learn why Change Management is done and what it Requires
  7. Get to know the Systematic Process for Changing Baselines and Software Change Management.
  8. Know how to build reports and do Configuration Verification and Audits.
  9. You will be making your own Training Plan for CM and the Importance of Good Business Practices will be discussed.
  10. Do sample case studies and start preparing for the certification exam.


  • Welcome current section
  • Course Resources
  • What is Containerization
  • Containers and Docker
  • Linux and Windows Containers
  • Where can you host containers?
  • DevOps and Containers
  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline and Containers
  • Module Summary
  • Review Questions
  • Practical Exercises
  • Introduction to Azure Container Services (ACS)
  • Creating and configuring ACS clusters
  • Running Multiple Containers
  • Configuring monitoring and logging
  • Scaling
  • Deployment
  • Module Summary
  • Review Questions
  • Practical EXercises
  • Introduction to Azure Service Fabric (ASF)
  • Creating a Cluster
  • Programming Models
  • Configure monitoring and logging
  • Scaling
  • Deployment
  • Dealing with Data
  • Module Summary
  • Review Questions
  • Practical Exercises
  • Introduction
  • Patch Management
  • Security Concerns
  • Design for Failure
  • Review Questions
  • Practical Exercises



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He has been a professional educator for
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