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Data WareHousing Online Training with Free tutorials

A data warehouse is a federated repository for all the data that are collected on the enterprise’s various business systems. A repository may be physical or logical. Data warehousing will be emphasizing the capture of data from diverse sources and will be used for access and for useful analysis. A data warehouse is housed on an enterprise mainframe server and increasingly on the cloud. Data can be extracted through OLTP applications and selectively put to use by analytical applications and user queries. Some of the data warehousing characteristics are as given below

1. Subject Oriented: Data warehouses are mainly used for analyzing. Normally it is used for Top N Analysis of any kind of company data. If you want to know who are the top customers in the last 6 years, then the data warehouse will run a query and return a result. This characteristic shows the subject matter.
2)Time-Variant: If you want to introduce a new trend in your product then you will be needed to analyze large amounts of data. This will totally help you to introduce new tricks in the business.
3)Non-volatile: Once you enter the data into the warehouse, then it must not be changed. Mainly the data warehousing concepts will be using it to analyze what has occurred.
4)Integrated: Being integrated is almost equal to subject-oriented characteristics. When you put the data inconsistent format then you must make sure that it is consolidated as it comes from different sources. You need to troubleshoot the naming conflicts in this process.

datawarehousing online training

datawarehousing online training

Where is Data warehousing used

Business intelligence is said to be one of the keys in deriving useful insights and making tactical business decisions. Data warehousing is a consolidated collection of business data that is converted into business information which can be used for profitability. Using data warehousing for Business intelligence will be helping to provide a coherent picture of the business at any time and thus helping the stakeholders to arrive at crucial decisions which are important for the survival of the business.

OHO Training offers data warehouse online training which offers a flexible training schedule as the courses can be delivered at your chosen convenient time. You will be getting thorough proficiency in multidimensional modeling, RDBMS tools, SQL parsing etc. The training course is complete and can be taken both by fresher’s and advanced professionals. We have some of the best trainers here who are certified and are working professionals with multiple years of experience. We are maintaining a good placement record when you compare other sites that offer training. Our students are competent enough to clear the first interview after finishing the classes here.


This is because they know what to expect and they are already aware of what is Data Warehousing and how the companies are using that for their projects. Before completing the course with us our students must also carry on a case study and do a complete real-time project which is a mandatory one. Our Data Warehousing trainers are having more than 10 years of experience and they share what they learned in past years with you as a student. The trainers are Data Warehousing certified Professionals with strong theoretical and practical knowledge.

What are the course objectives

• All Data warehousing Concepts, RDBMS, Data Modeling and BI Lifecycle, Data Modelling, Data Modelling Tools
• Work with Star and Snowflake Schema
• Implement concepts of dimension and fact table
• Implement data modeling, normalization and schema concepts
• Model a Data warehouse
• Implement ETL jobs
• Execute a data warehousing real-time project and undergo placement training too.
• We provide Data warehousing Certification Support

Who should take this Data Warehouse course?

This Data Warehouse course is a foundation for anyone who aspires to become a Data warehouse Architect, a Data warehouse Developer or a Data warehouse Business Analyst in the field of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence. The following professionals can learn data warehousing

1. BI /ETL Professionals
2. Database Administrators and Database Modelers
3. Testing Professionals
4. Mainframe Professionals
5. Analytics Professionals
6. Software Developers and Architects
7.Freshers and STEM graduates


There are no prerequisites for taking this course and this course can be pursued regardless of the individual’s skills.


  • Reasons for data warehousing
  • Terminology
  • Data warehousing compared to OLTP
  • Components of a data warehouse
  • The data warehouse lifecycle
  • Managing the data warehouse
  • Discussion of how DW database design differs from transactional database design
  • Grain
  • Fact tables and Dimension tables
  • Slowly changing dimension
  • Time dimension
  • Star and snowflake schema
  • Denormalize from OLTP, planned redundancy
  • Data marts and conformed dimensions
  • Strategies for maintaining the data warehouse
  • Metadata in a DW
  • Security in a DW
  • Using Pivot Table Service (PTS) to see the business from different perspectives
  • Create a Pivot Table from an OLAP cube
  • Drill down, filter, sort, change dimensions
  • Change calculations of a data field
  • Add calculated fields Create a Pivot Chart from an OLAP cube
  • Change PivotChart type
  • Add a data table to a PivotChart
  • Create Local Cubes
  • Create OLAP-enabled web pages
  • Analysis services components and architecture
  • Define dimensions with Dimension Editor
  • Dimension levels and hierarchies
  • Define cubes and measure with Cube Editor
  • Process dimensions and cubes
  • Cube storage design
  • Create calculated members
  • Virtual cubes
  • Data Warehouse Partitions
  • Implement drillthrough and cube writeback
  • Understand Data Transformation Services (DTS)
  • Understand Data Extraction, Transformation Loading Services (ETL)
  • Introduction to data mining terminology and concepts



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