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Documentum Online Training with Free tutorials

EMC Documentum is now dominating the content in which many businesses now. From online customer service and commerce to collaborating on the project management and we can say that EMC Documentum confidently controls every e-business process. There are not much other enterprise solutions that are equal to EMC Documentum owing to its ability to manage the power portals thus solving the regulatory document content challenges enabling better collaborative commerce and content on the web.

documentum online training

documentum online training

The management is said to be the most scalable solution that is being offered for enterprise EMC Documentum, which is the content management thus enabling an unlimited number of content, managing a huge amount of content, and contributors, delivering trusted content to many high-volume sites with the integrity and security that is needed required by today’s largest organizations all over the world.


Documentum developer training is conducted by Certified Documentum Working Professionals at OHO Training with 100 % quality guaranteed and with experienced trainers who will be teaching you how to be more productive with the entirely hands-on training, you have lesser chances to complain. The trainers will also be providing access to their desktop screen and you will be actively doing the hands-on labs with real-time projects. The Documentum course will be enabling you to learn how to manage various types of content with the help of the content repository. You can also learn about the various Documentum objects, how to find the info by various means, tracking changes, maintenance of audit trails and records and get to know various Documentum layers.


The students are shown the certification training path in the US after they complete the training with us and we at OHO Training have trained more than 1000 students all over and the course is surely a value for money and is tailor-made based upon each of the student’s training requirements. The online classes are said to be conducted on daytime, weekend, evening and fast track too.


The training provides good management capabilities for all types of content and the Documentum online training is perfect for professionals who can avail it in virtual interactive modes. Perfect learning with fewer hassles for on job professionals is the best here at OHO Training at reasonable costs. The training is coordinated by best industry experts and is prepared with the best industry updates for offering the participants the best professional insights of the modules. The training is also available for individual as well as corporate batches.


What are the Documentum Online Course Objectives


The Documentum Online Course training is designed and imparted in a systematic way by the trainers and it will be making you easy to acquire and to expand you Documentum skills quickly. Th trainers will be creating some of the highest HD content with live examples and complete guidance during and after the training is over too so that you can begin to work in the field once you complete the training completely. Here are some of the course objectives.


*You can now experience the real-time implementation of Documentum projects by exploring different features of Documentum architecture, Documentum query language, application layer configuration, installation etc.

*Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview, Documentum key characteristics

CM Challenges, Need for ECM

*In-depth understanding of Documentum objects, Products, Content Services, Process Services, Users & Privileges and in detail about the Documentum layers

*Documentum Component Architecture and System Administration Overview

*Usage of alias sets, groups, and roles, Object & Content Relationship

*Understanding of the Documentum Foundation Services and Content repository

*An in-depth overview of Documentum Query Language and xCelerated Composition Platform

*You will also get to execute a real-time project using the Documentum Web Development Kit (WDK) and Documentum Composer & Application builder that is based on the comprehensive course curriculum

*You will end the course with a Case study and a project.

*You will also get to know the related jobs and job trends in the industry


Who must for the Documentum certification course?


Documentum is now being used by most of the top multinationals all over the world. Documentum professionals are now earning some of the highest salaries when compared with other technologies. With a growing number of job opportunities in Documentum, the following job roles will get benefited from this course

*Freshers who are STEM graduates and looking for a job.

*People who know the concepts of java, javascript, basics of web services and databases.

*People who have an understanding of how the web server and application servers work.


  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Overview
  • ECM Challenges
  • Need for ECM
  • ECM Components,
  • ECM Key players
  • EMC Documentum Overview
  • EMC Documentum Solutions
  • Documentum Key Characteristics
  • Documentum Products
  • Content Services
  • Process Services
  • Repository Services
  • Integration Services,
  • Administration & Development
  • Documentum CenterStage
  • MyDocumentum Offline
  • Content Server
  • Docbase
  • Docbroker
  • DFC
  • WDK
  • Documentum Objects
  • Cabinets & Folders
  • Users and
  • Groups
  • Virtual Document
  • Alias Set
  • ACLs
  • Virtual Document
  • Workflow
  • Lifecycle
  • Introduce and describe Object
  • Introduce and describe Types
  • Type Hierarchy and inheritance
  • Define
  • object ID
  • Type Storage
  • Lighweight SysObjects
  • Shareable Objects
  • DQL
  • Users
  • User Authentication
  • Client capability
  • Basic privileges
  • Extended privileges
  • Creating Users,
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Groups
  • Creating Groups
  • Roles
  • Creating Roles
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Object Permissions
  • Permission Sets
  • Special Conditions
  • Folder Security
  • Creating a Permission Set,
  • Assigning Permissions
  • Advanced Security
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Documentum layered Architecture
  • The Kernel Group
  • The Kernel Group Components
  • System Administrator Tasks
  • Documentum Administrator
  • Content Server Installation and
  • Configurations
  • Methods & Jobs
  • Introduction to Aliases
  • Alias Set
  • Defining Alias
  • Kinds of Alias
  • Creating Alias Set
  • Alias Scope
  • Alias
  • Resolution Scopes
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Introduction to Custom Types
  • Super Types
  • Permissions & Null type
  • Types and Data dictionary,
  • Benefits of the Data Dictionary
  • Creating Custom Type using DAB
  • Document Templates
  • Modifying
  • Custom Types
  • Dropping Custom Types
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Virtual Documents Definition and Benefits
  • Create Virtual Documents
  • Create a Snapshots
  • Add components to a virtual document
  • Virtual Document Preferences
  • XML Management
  • Useful DQL
  • Queries
  • Describe document content
  • Introduction to content object
  • How content files and objects are related,
  • Brief on Primary content & Renditions
  • Page number
  • Rendition source
  • Difference between Lifecycle & Workflows
  • Describe Entry Criteria
  • Entry Actions
  • and
  • Post-entry
  • Actions
  • Extended Permissions with lifecycles
  • Lifecycles & Alias sets
  • Lifecyle Related Actions,
  • Lifecycle States
  • Useful DQL Queries
  • Workflow Concepts
  • Workflow Templates
  • Activities
  • Performers
  • Flows and Packages
  • Building a
  • complex workflow
  • Simple workflow
  • Path selection
  • Dynamic performer
  • Advanced Features,
  • Automated activities
  • Workflow Manager
  • Searching Overview
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Results
  • Saving Searches
  • Search Preferences
  • Subscriptions
  • Shortcuts
  • Useful SQL queries
  • DQL Overview
  • Advanced DQL
  • DQL tools: IDQL
  • xCP Overview
  • Process Builder
  • Forms Builder
  • Taskspace
  • Business Activity Monitor & Process
  • Reporting Services
  • DFC Overview
  • Clients and Sessions
  • Session Management
  • Type related DFC Interfaces
  • Common DFC
  • Tools
  • DFC Operations
  • BOF Overview
  • Global registry
  • Service Based Objects (SBO)
  • Type Based Objects (TBO)
  • Aspects
  • WDK Overview and Installation
  • Application Layer Configuration
  • Component Configuration,
  • Component Customization
  • Behavior
  • Events and Controls
  • Presets
  • Documentum Webtop
  • Documentum
  • Administrator
  • DFS Overview
  • OOTB Platform Services
  • DFC Vs DFS
  • Building DFS Service
  • DocApps Overview
  • Documentum Application Builder
  • DocApp Archives
  • Installing DocApps,
  • Documentum Composer & Documentum Application Archive (dar)
  • Installing Composer
  • Documentum
  • Artifacts
  • Build and deploy Documentum Application Archive (dar)



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