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MySQL is the world’s second most widely used open-source relational database management system in the market. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. The MySQL development project has made its source code available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements. MySQL was owned and sponsored by company MySQL AB then and now it is owned by Oracle Corporation. MySQL is a popular choice of database that is put for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack. LAMP is the acronym for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python.” Many of the free-software-open source projects that require a full-featured database management system often use MySQL.

MySQL is said to be the world’s most popular open source database with its proven record or unbeatable performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. MySQL is slowly becoming one of the leading database choices for web-based applications and the biggest plus is it can be used to free and is now being used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Additionally, it has also become the popular choice as an embedded database that has been seen and distributed by thousands of OEM’s.

mysql online training

mysql online training

Sounds interesting! What next

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user you can always find the right MySQL course that will be meeting your training and career goals. You can get training from OHO Training on MySQL which can help you with the following

  • Build and develop MySQL applications in a better way. Easy to learn too.
  • Have and keep track of all the essential services thus keeping in mind mission-critical applications that are running 27*7.
  • Reduce dependence on paid databases.

Any software professional or a graduate who wants to make a career shift towards web based application development will benefit from this course. Graduates who want to work on RDBMS can take up this certification course. There are no prerequisites to take up the course and you must just know the basics of RDBMS. As you all know this is an online program you will be needing a Windows computer with high speed internet connection to attend the classes. A headset will also do with a microphone as it is recommended. You can attend the classes from your smartphone or tablet as well but it is advised to your PC so that you can practice too alongside it.

Why take training at OHO Training

  1. Intensive MySQL training classes from certified experts.
  2. Collaborating the product development team thus able to provide up to date curriculum.
  3. 100% student satisfaction as well as providing world-class training and an unbeatable experience.
  4. Backup for all the training without 100% student satisfaction.
  5. Guaranteed online training.
  6. Certified and real time trainers.
  7. Placement and Certification assistance towards the end of the course
  8. Weekend, fast track and normal online training modes available as per convenience.
  9. More focus on the practical aspect with real time scenarios.
  10. We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.
  11. We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.
  12. Scheduling of the sessions will be made based on the comfort of the highly qualified trainers and real time experts.

Who are the trainers?

The trainer’s profile are as listed below

  1. More than 10 years of real time experience in MySQL
  2. Worked on multiple projects
  3. Working in fortune 500 companies
  4. Trained hundreds of students so far
  5. MySQL certified Professionals

What will be taught under the course

The MySQL certification course will begin with the following

  1. history of databases
  2. database tables
  3. Database Design
  4. MySql data types and storage
  5. Database Designing and Normalization
  6. creating and checking tables
  7. auto increment and primary keys
  8. ACID and Transactions
  9. Locks, Deadlocks, Isolation Levels and Logging
  10. Responsibilities of a Database Administrator
  11. Performance Monitoring
  12. InnoDB Indexing and Clustered vs. Unclustered Index
  13. Performance Optimization
  14. Insert, Update, and Delete Commands Demo
  15. Combining Related Table Using Joins
  16. Query Optimization Demo
  17. Setting Up Replication in MySQL
  18. Column-Level Database Encryption Demo
  19. availability
  20. Case study and a project


  • Client/Server Concepts
  • Database and Database Objects
  • Databases
  • Data Types
  • Tables
  • Constraints and Indexes
  • Views
  • Recurring SQL Constructs
  • Adding data
  • Modifying data
  • Removing data
  • Searching data
  • Expressions
  • Grouping and Aggregate Functions
  • Joining Tables
  • Transaction Concepts
  • SQL for working with Transaction
  • Tools for Import/Export
  • SQL for Import/Export



Matt Demon

Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
Matt Demon has been a professional educator
for the past 18 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 900+ students, and he
holds degrees in Computer Science
from Harvard University. He has
spent the last 7 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.

John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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