oracle dba online training

Oracle DBA Online Training with Free tutorials

The Oracle Corporation is the best supplier for Database Management System, which is utilized by all the main IT giants. Huge Database Management abilities make the life of a DBA (Database Administrator) simple by giving arrangements, bringing change to the foundation etc. Oracle database gives an extensive variety of Database administration capacities in the business, which ranges from zero overhead instrumentation to self-recuperation and business-driven administration.

oracle dba online training

oracle dba online training

A Database is a standout amongst the most trusted and broadly used relational databases. The framework is built around a relational Database administration system in which information might be straightforwardly gotten to by the clients through Structured Query Language. It is completely versatile and is utilized by all the many firms internationally to help in the areas of administration, fixing, provisioning, performance management, and tuning. The Productivity of the DBA has been expanded by 80% and the testing time is diminished by 90%. Oracle has made a transformation in the field of Database Management System, by building the business’ first self-administration capacities after successful releases.

At OHO Training we have plenty of trainers who are ready to offer you latest oracle dba online training and the course is said to be very useful and informative too. The training which is given is quite effective and efficient thus it will help the audience to gain a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities as a DBA Expertise. The faculty who are with us are highly qualified and have hands-on experience in the Industry. The courses are designed as per the latest changes and upgraded as per the trends of the industry.

Aspirants will acquire knowledge in Oracle DBA Introduction to next advanced level with hands on training experience to learn in a better way and implement the knowledge under different use cases. Excellent place to become Expertise and solve real time business challenges in an optimized way.

There are no exact prerequisites to take the course and if you have a basic understanding in the knowledge of databases is enough. Having some knowledge of the RDBMS concepts and SQL is enough and an added advantage

Anyone who are aspiring to make a career in database field must surely take DBA Course.

  • Graduates or Fresher’s
  • Job Seekers
  • IT Professionals
  • SQL Programmers and Architects
  • Software Developers and IT Professionals looking for a change
  • Database Analysts and Administrators

What is the role of DataBase Administrator?

DataBase Administrator (DBA) is mainly responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining the database management system and they are often tied with a specific platform likewise Oracle, MySql, DB2, SQL Server and others etc. The administrator is responsible for the security, integrity and performance of the database system in an efficient as well as in a reliable manner.

Why is Oracle Database Administration Needed?

It is a mandatory thing for every business to keep up with the records which are a very important thing which is a part of the business thus keeping the records intact is essential. You must keep up the records of all the employees, customers and other data separate thus making it easy and avoiding confusion. It is time-consuming however and some cases may not be reliable too and when you have more data and no good system to organize it than finding the data will be more time consuming and difficult. This is where the concepts of database play an important role as a database software program will be helping you to store and retrieve in an easier manner. Taking up oracle dba certification course will help you to become an Oracle database administrator.

What will be taught under the course

The oracle dba training course will begin with

  1. introduction to database management systems
  2. Oracle DBMS and other popular ones in market
  3. Responsibilities and tasks of a DBA
  4. Relational database model and installations
  5. Installation of Oracle Database software
  6. Oracle Database Architecture
  7. Startup & Shutdown of a database
  8. Storage
  9. Data and control files
  10. Oracle Redo log File architecture and archiving
  11. Networking and getting started with Oracle net service components
  12. Oracle database connections from other computers
  13. User Administration & Security
  14. Backup & Recovery
  15. Oracle Database Upgrades
  16. Database Performance Tuning
  17. handle performance issues in a real world
  18. performance monitoring
  19. Event Tracing
  20. Case study and a project.

Oracle DBA training course content

  • Identify the oracle product
  • Describe the basic concept of a relational database
  • System requirements.
  • Use Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)
  • Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer
  • Oracle Database Architecture.
  • Oracle instance architecture.
  • Use the management framework.
  • Use the Database Creation Assistant
  • Start and stop the agent
  • Start and stop the enterprise manager database console
  • Start and stop the listener
  • Startup and shutdown the database
  • Defining the table spaces and data files
  • Create table spaces
  • Manage table spaces
  • Obtain table space information
  • Create and manage table space using oracle enterprises manager
  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Create and manage roles
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Control resource usage by users
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define constraints
  • View the attributes of a table
  • View the contents of a table
  • Create indexes and views
  • Manipulating data through SQL
  • Using Import
  • Using Export
  • Using SQL Loader
  • Identify PL/SQL objects
  • Understand triggers and triggering events
  • Identify configuration options that affect PL/SQL performance
  • Apply the principal of least privilege
  • Manage default user accounts
  • Implement standard password security features
  • Audit database activity
  • Understand Oracle Net concepts
  • Use Oracle Net Manager to create and configure listeners
  • Use the listener control utility to control the Oracle Net Listener
  • Use the Oracle Net Manager to configure client and middle-tier connection
  • Use TNSPING to test Oracle Net connectivity
  • Understand when to use Oracle Shared Servers
  • Configure Oracle Shared Servers
  • Monitoring Shared Servers
  • Troubleshoot invalid and unusable objects
  • Gather optimizer statistics
  • View performance metrics
  • React to performance issues
  • Set warning and critical alert thresholds
  • Collect and use baseline metrics
  • Use tuning and diagnostic advisors
  • Use the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)
  • Manage the Automatic Workload Repository
  • Monitor and administer undo
  • Configure undo retention
  • Guarantee undo retention
  • Use the undo advisor
  • Detect and resolve lock conflicts
  • Manage deadlocks
  • Describe the basics of database backup, restore and recovery
  • List the types of failure that may occur in an Oracle Database
  • Describe ways to tune instance recovery
  • Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log file
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG mode
  • Create consistent database backups
  • Back your database up without shutting it down
  • Create incremental backups
  • Automate database backups
  • Monitor the flash recovery area
  • Recover from loss of a control file
  • Recover from loss of a redo log file
  • Recover from loss of a data file
  • Date times with Time zones
  • Specifying Language-Dependent Behavior
  • Locale Variants
  • Linguistic Sorting
  • Case and Accent Insensitive Sorts
  • Linguistic Comparisons
  • Obtaining Information about the Current NLS Configuration
  • The Alert Log
  • Viewing Alerts with EM
  • Alerts Notification
  • Editing Thresholds
  • Trace Files
  • Creating New Temporary Table space
  • Recreating Redo Log Files
  • Recovering an Index Table space
  • Read-Only Table space Recovery
  • Loss of Password Authentication File
  • ASM Concepts
  • ASM General Architecture
  • Creating an ASM instance
  • Creating table spaces that use ASM storage
  • Viewing ASM information
  • Migrating a table space to use ASM storage
  • When to Use Flashback Technology
  • Configuring Flashback Database
  • Monitoring Flashback Database
  • Best Practices for the Database and Flash Recovery Area
  • Flash Recovery Area Space Usage
  • Flashback Database Examples
  • Oracle Memory Structures
  • Automatic PGA Memory Management
  • Using the Memory Advisor
  • Using Automatic Shared Memory Management to avoid long running query issues
  • Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection
  • Workload Repository
  • Database Control and Advisors
  • Using the SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Using the SQL Access Advisor
  • Automatic Undo Retention Tuning
  • Redo Log file Size Advisor
  • Resemble Statements
  • Table space Usage Monitoring
  • Accessing the Segment Advisor
  • Shrinking Segments Using SQL
  • Segment Resource Estimation
  • Monitoring Index Space
  • Identifying Unused Indexes



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