oracle financial online training

Oracle Financial Online Training with Free tutorials

The Oracle eBusiness Suite which is also commonly known as Oracle Financials is the premier accounting and financial ERP. This is one of the best and one of the most flexible and robust packages that has ever been created. The main areas that are a part of this are General ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets and financial intelligence, inventory management, and daily business intelligence. Here are some factors that are a huge plus as they will be driving efficiencies to the core that is meeting all the statutory requirements more effectively. Oracle Financials also effectively manages the risk across the global enterprise. It also drives in sustainable growth that is managing all the business performances and social responsibilities too in a sustainable fashion.

oracle financial online training

oracle financial online training

In order to survive and to thrive companies have to be agile and must quickly respond to change. Oracle Financials could have come up in the market for all companies of any size who want to thrive in the competitive digital economy. Whether the challenge is to streamline the accounting and general ledgers, or to comply with the new revenue recognition guidelines or to automate the expenses processing, or to report with the new KPI’s oracle financials can help. It provides the right insight to refine the business model, respond to competitive opportunities and to become an agile finance team.

OHO Training provides excellent oracle financial online training with the help of experienced trainers. During the training, they will also be covering how the Oracle finance modules can be linked to these modules and the training will make sure that you know what are the different oracle projects that are out there in the market such as implementation, upgrade and production support projects. Also, periodic assessments will be carried out for each module to understand the ability of each student and mock interview sessions too will be conducted. Beginners too are trainers about the various business processes, concepts, implementation and mapping of data. For professionals who already have experience, there will be trimming down of the basics and it will be proceeded to the advanced concepts. The course will be dealt with more test cases on real time scenarios which will be helping the participants to understand better and to make it more interactive. The Oracle Financials online training course syllabus is designed in such a way that it assists the individual to get the Oracle Apps Finance certification at the end.


Who all can take up the course

Anyone who want to learn more about Oracle Financials can take up the course. Here is a list of people who can think of taking up the course

  • Graduates
  • IT professionals
  • Students and STEM graduates who want to know more about Oracle applications
  • Software-based professionals
  • Other programming language developers
  • freelancers
  • People who are looking forward to entering the IT industry

Who will be training the candidates

Our trainers have plenty of experience in each of the particular sectors and they will be teaching in different methodologies to the student as per the student’s necessity. The trainers are certified real time experts who will also be dealing with other linked modules which are relevant to Oracle finance modules and the fees that we are charging is also affordable and good. The content and syllabus are also prepared with accordance to the IT industry.

What will be taught under the course

The oracle financials course will be covering these main topics and the subtopics under them

  • Overview of Oracle Application Architecture
  • Sysadmin
  • General Ledger for Oracle
  • Payable for Accounts
  • Overview of Managing the Cash by Oracle
  • Purchasing
  • Order management
  • Financial analysis
  • inventory management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Human resources
  • sub-ledger accounting
  • User management
  • Case study and a project

What are the skills that you will get once you finish the training

  • Full in depth knowledge of taxation in oracle applications
  • sample projects that were taken by top most companies
  • Take part in real-time projects so that you can act as real-time professional
  • other market similarities with our concepts
  • get perceptive skills in oracle finance
  • Equal importance will be given for both theory and practical classes for oracle financials  online training.
  • Placement assistance after completing the course
  • advance tools will also be given to the student to get clear-cut ideas and concepts
  • industry oriented needs and training to the students



  • Multi Org Concept, Operation Unit

  • Define User, Responsibilities, Define, Request Group

  • Profiles, System, Personal

  • Application, Register, Form, Function

  • Menu, Menu creation

  • Define Value Sets

  • Flex fields, Key and Descriptive

  • Define Currency, Concurrent Program

  • GL Architecture

  • Create a Chart Of Accounts

  • Create a Set of Books

  • Create Calendars

  • Create Currencies

  • Define Rate Types

  • Define Rates

  • Define Period Types

  • Define the Accounting Calendar

  • Link a Chart of Accounts to a Set of Books

  • Link a Functional Currency to a Set of Books

  • GL Process flows, Create Basic Journal Entries

  • GL Interface, Integration with legacy system and sub ledgers

  • Cross Validation Rules

  • Budget Process

  • Define daily conversion rates

  • Reports

  • Payables Architecture

  • Set Up Suppliers And Supplier Sites

  • Invoice creation process

  • Set up invoice batching

  • Describe payables matching options

  • Supplier conversion

  • Payable Invoice Conversion

  • Reports

  • Overview of Oracle Cash Management

  • Process Flow

  • Bank Reconciliation Process

  • Set up Accounts Payable

  • Define a Payment Bank

  • Reports

  • Assets Architecture

  • Fixed assets integration

  • Depreciation

  • Depreciation Methods

  • Categories

  • Retirements

  • Asset conversion



Matt Demon

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John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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