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PeopleSoft Online Training with Free tutorials

PeopleSoft is said to be one of the leading providers of e-business application software that is basically providing e-business solutions purely on the internet for Fortune companies. The main goal of PeopleSoft is how to empower the user which can be easily adaptable in a changing marketplace and supported by a superior customer service.

peoplesoft online training

peoplesoft online training

Who can take up the training

  1. People who are new to PeopleSoft development.
  2. Having experience as a programmer.
  3. Who is looking for a career change?
  4. Having experience as a Peoplesoft administrator or a functional person.
  5. Someone who is working on support projects
  6. STEM graduates or any degree holder.

OHO Training provides 100% real-time, practical and placement focused Peoplesoft online training all over the US. The course will be concentrating from basic level to advanced level of training and it is completely focused to get placement in MNC’s. Our Peoplesoft hcm Course syllabus is enough for anyone who wants to get complete the certification at the completion of the course. The trainers are Peoplesoft hcm certified professionals with more real-time experience in live projects. In the course you will be learning in detail about Peoplesoft Architecture, Application engine, File Layout & C, Application designer, content for people code, process scheduler, SQR, Psquery with practical examples and live examples. We are charging very competitively in the market which is helping to bring out more number of Peoplesoft hcm professionals into this market. The course fees is quite nominal and anyone can pay installment basis as well. Since the online training can be schedules in the timings that the student wants, he or she can thus opt for weekday or weekend or fast track mode too.

Why you must choose us

We have experienced professionals who will be teaching you Peoplesoft course

You will be given more of practical knowledge with different projects

Training will be given for different types of development tools

Authentic training and following the guidelines of Oracle

The training will begin with the fundamentals of and then advances tools will be taught.

Trainer will be handling you only and more concentration on the candidate

Video training materials will be provided along with pdf training materials.

Certification and placement assistance will be given by us.

Who will be taking the training

Our team of trainers is PeopleSoft certified professionals with multiple years of experience and with more number of real-time experience in live projects and with Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge. They will be designing the course plan in accordance with the workings of the IT industry which is up to date with live practical demos and exercises at the end of the training. The training and course syllabus enough for anyone who wants to get Peoplesoft certification which meets industry expectations. The professional trainers will be bringing their experience into the teaching and the syllabi will be up to date and it is sure to help the candidates in the long run. Practical aspect is kept in mind and therefore it will useful for the candidate to solve his issues then and there.

What will be taught in the courses

The PeopleSoft course will start with the following

  1. PeopleSoft architecture
  2. Database and portal architecture differences
  3. Application Designer Structure
  4. Creating field, record, page, component and record definitions
  5. Application Engine Overview
  6. Understanding table and records
  7. Debugging and running AE programs
  8. Understanding File Layout
  9. Testing Component interface
  10. People code Overview
  11. Data Types, Comments, and Variables, objects, classes
  12. Methods and Built-In Functions, file attachments
  13. Debugging
  14. Creating Run Control Page
  15. Building your first SQR program with columns, variables, and literals.
  16. Arithmetic and string commands
  17. Date, String, File and built-in functions
  18. How SQR works
  19. Explicit and implicit printing
  20. Heading section and Footing section
  21. Working with arrays
  22. Multiple Reports
  23. Flat Files & Examples
  24. Debugging Techniques
  25. Database support structured query language
  26. Live example and a case study.
  27. Live Project

The students will also be guided to be certified at the end of the course and in the last 6 months, many have completed their training with us with excellent feedback and placements. We have trained multiple students so far and we have excellent feedback.


  • Internet Architecture(PIA)

  • Database Architecture

  • Portal Architecture

  • Application Designer Structure

  • Creating Field Definitions

  • Creating Record Definitions

  • Creating Page Definitions

  • Creating Component Definitions

  • Creating Record Definitions

  • Registering a Component or iScript

  • Application Engine Overview

  • AE Program Elements

  • Understanding State Records

  • Understanding Temporary Table

  • Understanding Restart Concept

  • Understanding set processing

  • Debugging AE Program

  • Running of A.E (Different ways)

  • Understanding File Layout

  • Component interface attributes

  • Testing Component interface

  • Exercise on File layout & CI

  • Recurrence Definitions

  • People code Overview

  • Component Processor Flow

  • Data Types, Comments and Variables

  • Understanding Objects and Classes in People Code

  • Debugging

  • File Attachments

  • Methods and Built-In Functions

  • Accessing the Data Buffer

  • Referencing Data in the Component Buffer

  • Run Control ID

  • Creating Run Control Page

  • SQR Introduction

  • Building your first SQR program

  • SQR columns, variables and literals

  • Predefined SQR variables

  • List Variables

  • Arithmetic commands

  • The move command

  • String manipulation

  • The Let command

  • Built-in functions

  • File-related functions

  • Date functions

  • String functions

  • SQR page

  • How SQR processes the source program

  • Five sections of an SQR program

  • Program section

  • Setup section

  • Explicit and implicit printing

  • Heading section and Footing section

  • Procedure section

  • Loops and decision logic

  • Print command

  • Formatting your output

  • Break logic

  • Run-time and compile-time

  • Variables

  • Working with arrays

  • Multiple Reports

  • Generate Letters

  • Flat Files & Examples

  • Debugging Techniques

  • How to run an SQR program in different ways with suitable SQR architecture

  • Database support structured query language




Matt Demon

Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
Matt Demon has been a professional educator
for the past 18 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 900+ students, and he
holds degrees in Computer Science
from Harvard University. He has
spent the last 7 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.

John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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