Oho Training is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our websites and interact with online trainers. Individuals who register to use the Services and individuals who provide information to OHO Training to register for online training or other events are subjected to mentioned policy. This Privacy Statement will be describing the OHO Training privacy practices in relation to the use of the websites and the related products and services. Our OHO Training company policy refers to the company’s learning and development programs and activities. Your privacy is critically important to us.


We are very thoughtful of the personal information that we ask you for and the information that we collect. We will be storing the information only for a certain duration and till we have a reason to keep it. We will be aiming to make it as simple for you on how we gather, use and share your personal info.  We give the information that you provide to our trainers in connection with a transaction or any furtherance to the schedule. When you register on the site you will be receiving details with regard to the training and newsletters and other literature too.


We may need your personal information including your name, address, email, phone number and other contact information, username and password that is associated with the use of services, trainer name, type of training that you need, your training purchase details and all other information that is needed to conduct business with you or our trainers may ask you to provide. We will be retaining and not disclose your personal information that is applicable by law and we will not trade, rent or sell your information although we may only disclose your personal information in connection to your training or disposal to all or any part of the OHO Training.


We may obtain non personal information such as browser type, OS which can be windows or Mac, ISP, IP address, a domain name with which you have accessed the services and how you use and interact with our website and metadata as to how you use our website. Our website also uses standard technologies such as cookies, web beacons which may collect information such as how you use the website and we may use our customized links and technologies to see what links you click. We may use that to associate that info with your personal information in order to provide you more focused service.