qa and testing online training

QA & Testing Tools Online Training with Free tutorials

Software Testing is the process of executing an application with the sole intent to identify the bugs that are present in the application. The key objective of Software Testing is to make sure that the application is meeting all the requirements that are specified in the requirements document. Most of the software companies nowadays worldwide need quality testers who can release no software without testing.

qa and testing online training

qa and testing online training

Oho Training offers QA software testing course which is the perfect opportunity for all those who are looking for Software Testing training. If you are a newbie to the IT field and if you want to increase your software testing knowledge, and wish to pursue a career in Testing or if you want to make a career move from a different technology, then this course is just for you. The comprehensive QA testing course will be taking you through the process of software testing which includes planning, scheduling, test scenarios, error analysis etc. It includes many types of testing such as performance, regression, text execution, preventive measures. We also offer customized training to suit your learning needs.

What will you be learning in the testing tools training course

• The basic framework of Software Testing, use cases, and Related Terminology
• understand the techniques involved
• Design various test cases
• Test and manage for various configurations
• Gain expertise in Bugzilla test management tool
• Learn about log defect identification
• Learn the skills needed for identifying and preventing defects
• Study automation tools like QTP, Selenium, and Lifecycle of Metrics

Who can all take up QA testing training course?

• Software developers, engineers, managers
• QA engineers, technicians and testers
• Graduates who want a career in software testing
• Professionals from any field who want to gain expertise
There are no prerequisites for taking up this QA testing training online course. Just by having a basic knowledge of any programming language is a plus and will be helpful.

Why should you take up to learn software testing?

The market is growing rapidly and is going to be a $34 billion market by 2017 and a software tester in the US can easily earn up to $80,000. Since it is a part and parcel of any firm that is into software development the need for software testers will always be there. Vigorous testing of the software is needed since the software is very critical to the functioning of any business. Most of the education curriculum of QA testing online training cover only software development and not testing and hence you can take up the course.

It is always recommended that you learn from a domain expert who is 10 times more effective than learning from someplace by paying high amount and in return get only basics knowledge. Here you will get to chance to see how to implement a Live project from a trainer who is already working with a CMM level firm and this will not only give you a quick start to your automation career but will also help you in getting a high paid job.

What is the Online QA Testing Course Benefits

There are many benefits of taking up the course and we are summing up in the following

1. Syllabus: We have trainers who have come up with a unique list of topics that will help you gradually work your way into the testing world. It will not just be including the traditional testing methodologies but will also give you a glimpse of the ways of testing that are coming up in the market.
2. Interactive: The session is going to be completely interactive. Our aim is to make each online training class like a brainstorming session which is one to one.
3. Practice sessions: With each topic, the trainers will be giving you assignments in a way that you will get to apply the theory you learned immediately. We also want that a tester’s expertise should have a reach that is beyond the technical knowledge. We want to train you on how to be an overall IT professional and not just a tester. The verbal and written communication skills to are going to be vastly improved through this course.
4. Resume Support and Interview preparation: We will reviewing your resume and letting you know how you can make it more effective. We will not only be giving you a list of interview questions, but we will go over them and make you job ready.


  • IT Projects, Project Team, basics of Project Management Process
  • Role, responsibilities, and importance of QA Tester in various projects
  • Relation between projects and processes in IT
  • Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle, SDLC Vs STLC
  • Testing Methodology – Agile Testing, Scrum & extreme Programming
  • Business Requirements, Documents, Use Cases, Process Flow diagrams
  • Business Users – project stakeholders, and SMEs
  • Manual Testing, Automation Testing
  • White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Web Application Testing
  • Unit Testing, Database Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing
  • Smoke & Sanity Testing, Regression Testing
  • Functional & Non- Functional Testing, Mobile Testing
  • Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing
  • State Transition Diagram, Use Case Testing, Testing Review,
  • Test Estimations, Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases
  • Test Case Development, Test Scenario, Traceability Matrix
  • Testing Tools & Overview – QC, JIRA, ALM, Bugzilla, SOAP UI
  • Defects, Defect Life Cycle, Defect Tracking and Fixing
  • Documentations – Software Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test Analysis Report
  • Introduction on various databases and data tables
  • Comparison with Popular Databases – Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2
  • SQL Server fundamentals, Data Definition Language DDL, DML
  • ERD-Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Tables and Relationships
  • Data Migration and database testing overview
  • Mini Projects covering Test Cases, and their executions.
  • Projects on Manual Testing, and Automation Testing
  • Projects on Selenium and QTP covering advanced topics and scenarios
  • Assignments to do hands on practice on various types of testing



Matt Demon

Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
Matt Demon has been a professional educator
for the past 18 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 900+ students, and he
holds degrees in Computer Science
from Harvard University. He has
spent the last 7 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.

John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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