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Before jumping into SQL Server and databases first you need to know who is a DBA and what he does exactly in a company. A database administrator, the short form for a DBA is a person who is responsible for the installation, configuration, upgradation, administration, monitoring, and maintenance of databases in a firm. The role not only includes the development and design of important database strategies but also system monitoring and improvement of the performance and capacity thus planning for any future exigencies. They also help in the planning, coordination, and implementation of security features as well to safeguard the database.

SQL server was developed by Microsoft and it is a relational DBMS. It has developed the software product to store and to retrieve the data using software applications. You must know that most of the companies are preferring to use SQL server to keep their data intact. The main benefit is that it is user friendly and the users can easily use the properties of the product. It is also lower when it comes to the costs when you compare to other databases such as Oracle, Teradata etc. In SQL server the performance is good and it can store as well as compile the source code in the database. On the additional benefits side Microsoft is also providing reporting services such as the SSAS, SSIS and SSRS for the users. To develop the reports in this format user need to know about the basic concepts of SQL server.

SQL server developers and DBA’s are in much demand on IT industries. They are the highly paid employees in the software field since its release and MS SQL server is also being widely used in all web oriented applications that are being used as the main RDBMS. As the training is mainly being focused on real world applications mostly it can also fast up your application speed gradually. You can get training up with us and get benefitted in low course fees with better knowledge.

Which RDBMS is being taught here

Here at OHO Training, our trainers will be giving you SQL server certification training and the course will be teaching you all the aspects that at DBA administrator is expected to do on a Microsoft SQL Server. Our expert trainers are passionate about training and having more than enough experience in training sector.

The course will be starting with relational database basics and going through the development as well as administrative aspects of the SQL Server as well. It will also be giving the candidate a peep into the world of business intelligence and the course is based on the latest version of SQL Server and this can also be relevant to the older versions as well.

Who can attend the course

The SQL server course can be attended by anyone who wished to become a SQL Server DBS and wants to start a new career in this field. No background is required to enter the course although having some kind of technical knowledge can be an advantage. The importance of having a strong foundation is a must and gaining experience is a key to get started.

What will be taught in the course

The SQL server online training course will begin with

  1. Introduction to SQL Server and architecture.
  2. Principles of designing tables
  3. Performances and indexes
  4. Stored tuning and procedures
  5. Object systems and metadata
  6. Types of DML and DDL
  7. Properties of ACID transactions
  8. Issues and usage of cursors
  9. Query Hints
  10. Memory and locks transactions
  11. Types of DML and DDL
  12. Properties of ACID transactions
  13. Issues and usage of cursors
  14. Security issues and solving them
  15. Memory and locks transactions
  16. Deadlocks and issues in blocking
  17. Tuning and strategy partitioning
  18. Backup tuning and strategies
  19. Recovery and restore options
  20. Techniques of replication
  21. Issues and shipping log
  22. Monitoring of database
  23. Performance tuning of SQL server
  24. Issues in troubleshooting
  25. Advanced Administration
  26. Signatures and certificates
  27. Security keys
  28. Cryptography
  29. Implementation of server broker
  30. Tuning and troubleshooting service
  31. Tuning and troubleshooting query
  32. SQL server filter
  33. Procedures for data movement
  34. SSIS and plan maintenance
  35. Alerts and emails of database
  36. Management based policy
  37. Database upgrades
  38. Memory and IO issues
  39. SSIS package optimizing
  40. Case study and a project


  • SQL Server Design Architecture

  • Database Design Techniques

  • Table Design Principles

  • Data Integrity & Consistency

  • Aliasing & Naming Conventions

  • Schema Creation & Namespace

  • Views and Data Security

  • JOINS and Sub Queries

  • Indexes and Performance

  • Index Selectivity & Options

  • Stored Procedures & Tuning

  • Functions and Limitations

  • DML and DDL Trigger Types

  • System Objects & Metadata

  • Cursors Usage and Issues

  • Synonyms and Limitations

  • Transaction ACID Properties

  • Transaction Locks and Memory

  • Query Hints & Tuning Options

  • New Functions in DENALI


  • Transaction Isolation Levels

  • Blocking Issues & Deadlocks

  • Partitioning Strategy & Tuning

  • DB Snapshots and Usage

  • Backup Strategies & Tuning

  • Restore and Recovery Options

  • Replication Techniques

  • Peer – Peer Replication

  • Replication Issues & Alerts

  • Log Shipping and Issues

  • Database Mirroring and Issues

  • Security Management & Issues

  • SQL Server Performance Tuning

  • Troubleshooting Issues

  • Resource Governor (I/O Issues)

  • Error Handling Measures

  • Import – Export Techniques

  • Tempdb Issues and Sizing

  • Database Cloning and Issues

  • Indirect checkpoints

  • Optimizing SSIS Packages

  • Contained Databases in DENALI

  • Security Audits in DENALI

  • Certificates and Signatures

  • Cryptography & Security Keys

  • Service Broker Implementation

  • Query Troubleshooting & Tuning

  • SQL Server Profiler & Filters

  • DB Engine Tuning Advisor

  • Data Movement Procedures

  • SMO Connection & BCP Tool

  • Maintenance Plans & SSIS

  • SQL CMD & Remote Access

  • Database Mail and Alerts

  • SQL Server Clustering Issues

  • Server and DB Upgrades

  • Server Migrations & Testing

  • Policy Based Management

  • MSDTC and Server Linking

  • Client Level Statistics & Tuning

  • CPU, IO and Memory Issues

  • Always-On Availability Groups

  • Contained Databases in DENALI

  • Optimizing SSIS Packages



Matt Demon

Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
Matt Demon has been a professional educator
for the past 18 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 900+ students, and he
holds degrees in Computer Science
from Harvard University. He has
spent the last 7 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.

John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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