unix admin online training

Unix Admin Online Training with Free tutorials

Unix is a computer operating system that was originally developed in the year 1969 by a group of AT&T employees at Bell Labs. Today Unix systems are split into various branches and it is developed over time by AT&T as well as various commercial vendors. The influence of Unix is such that it leads to large-scale adoption all across and There are many certified Unix OS systems such as Linux, BSD etc which are commonly encountered. It is capable to handle multiple activities at once with different users at the same time.

unix admin online training

unix admin online training

Have you dreamt of having a single resource that will be taking you from being a simple Linux user to become a wizard with the ability to operate and to control and manage the entire backend infrastructure? The wait is over now as we have put forward a comprehensive course that will be covering all the aspects of Unix/Linux Administration.


You can now take up Unix admin online training at OHO Training where the aspirants can learn all the skills that are related to the Unix kernel, basic file handling, basic commands, and functions etc. and the training has been designed as per the latest industry trends as well as keeping in mind the professional requirement of the student to achieve their career goals. The student will get a chance to involve in full by the progressive infrastructure for active exercises and real-world simulations. The coaching will ensure that you get work afterward when you are placed in an MNC.

How will be the profile of a Unix Administrator

When a Unix system administrator works in an office, then he will be responsible for the installation of the software and hardware, upgradation of Unix server operating systems and applications that are related to the system. He will be responsible for the installation of software and the hardware issues that are related to the system. He will be monitoring the system performance and to carry out the routine maintenance regularly so that the system operated quite smooth. It will be requiring more than debugging and troubleshooting the system. He will also be establishing and documenting standards and procedures.

Who will benefit from the training

The Unix admin classes are best suited for individuals who are looking for IT job positions such as

  • Linux Administrator
  • Unix Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Enterprise Operation Manager.

Shell scripting is being employed mainly as a primary skill in most of the companies and there are additional millions of job opportunities for OS shell scripting. Scripting is the base to learn any ETL tool or any information as a result of all the queries and ETL that is running below the OS platform.

Who can take up the course

The Unix Administration Training has been prepared in such a way that it is easily understandable for beginners to understand the basic to advanced concepts covering all the commands, scripting, and utilities. Having a basic understanding of the various computer concepts will help you in understanding the various exercises that are a part of the training. The following can take up the course

  •         Graduates or STEM Fresher’s
  •         Job Seekers
  •         IT Professionals
  •         Administrators and Architects
  •         Software Developers and IT Professionals looking for a change

What will be taught under the course

The Unix admin course will consist of the following

▪ UNIX User and Data Management

▪ Deploying and Initializing UNIX Systems

▪ Securing UNIX Systems

▪ Managing UNIX Software and System Services

  • File system Management
  • Kernel Services

▪ Networking and UNIX Name Resolution

▪ Managing UNIX Clients

▪ Administering UNIX Network Services

▪ UNIX Systems Management

  • NFS and FTP, DNS, DHCP, NIS Services

Yes, trainers are here to give you Unix admin training online at the convenience of your home and time. The student can customize the course as per his or her needs and can even take up Unix administrator certification at the end of the course. Placement assistance will also be given after you finish all this successfully. The average salary for a Unix administrator is pegged at $100K per annum. Some of the highest paid skills that are associated with this job are Vmware ESX, shell scripting etc. Experience and certification will be strongly influencing the income for the job. Most of the people who are in this job will be moving up their career ladder in a few years of time.


  • Understanding the Unix Architecture
  • Understanding the Unix Basics
  • Features of Unix
  • Unix Vs Other Operating Systems
  • Using Putty Tool
  • Terminal Commands
  • Changing Terminal Color and Cursor
  • Displaying a Message
  • Understanding Wildcards
  • Working with Processes
  • Working with Directories in Unix
  • Getting Help using man
  • Understanding Files, Directories and Sub Directories
  • Files & Directories naming convention
  • Creating Files
  • Displaying Files
  • Deleting Files
  • Commands to Managing Files:
  • CP

  • MV

  • WC

  • LP

  • Piping
  • Sorting Files
  • Working with Redirection
  • Input/output Redirection

Splitting File Horizontally and Vertically

Important File Related Commands:


  • TEE

  • TR

  • CMP

  • COMM

  • DIFF


How to Search in Files

Compressing and Archiving Files

Linking Files

Filter related Commands:

  • GREP

  • SORT

  • UNIQ

  • AWK

  • FIND

  • Users and Permissions basics
  • Working with File Permission
  • Working with File Ownerships
  • Understanding Superuser
  • UMASK Command
  • Important Communication Commands in Network
  • Transferring files between Local and Server
  • Copy files from one another server to server
  • Various types of Editors
  • Various modes of the vi editor
  • Basic operations in Editor:
  • Screen Control

  • Navigation

  • Cursor Movement

  • Commands for saving and exit

  • Insert and Delete operation in vi

  • Searching for a pattern
  • Replace/Substitute
  • Joining Lines
  • Copy and Paste
  • Block Copy
  • Move and Delete
  • Special features of vim editor
  • Stream Editor
  • Use of XARGS command

Different types of Shells

Fundamentals of Shell Scripting

Scripting Language vs Programming Language

Understanding Environment Variables

Understanding Relative and Absolute Paths

Writing a Shell script file

Executing a Shell script file

Understanding Interpolation

Types of variables

Shell Operators

Read variables and Exit status

Shell initialization files

Common commands used in Shell script:

  • Substitution

  • parameters

  • Quoting characters

  • Shell expansion

  • Aliases

Escape and Quoting Mechanism

Batch Script vs Shell Script


Shell Function

Decision Making Statement

Shell Loops

Control flow

Running jobs in the Background

Running jobs in the Foreground

Scheduling Job using:

  • AT


  • CRON

  • NICE

Terminate Process Environment Variable

Local and Global Variables

Positional Parameter

  • Industry sample scripts debugging
  • Debugging the Scripts
  • Compress and archive the files
  • Common Interview Questions
  • Important Sample Shell Script Programs
  • Extracting data from various sources – HTML & XML
  • Connect to Database like Oracle/MySQL
  • Working with SQL Queries within Shell
  • Connect to third party applications like FTP



Matt Demon

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and coached over 900+ students, and he
holds degrees in Computer Science
from Harvard University. He has
spent the last 7 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.

John Britto
Learning Scientist & Master Trainer
He has been a professional educator for
the past 17 years. He’s taught, tutored,
and coached over 700 students, and
he holds degrees in Information Technology
from Brooklyn University. He has
spent the last 8 years studying how
people learn to code and develop applications.


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