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windows admin online training

windows admin online training

OHO Training provides some of the best windows admin online training in the US that is based on the current industry standards that can help the attendees to get placements in their dream jobs at firms. It offers some of the best hands-on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level Windows Administration training. The training is conducted by Windows Administration subject specialists who are also corporate professionals who have 7 plus years of experience in managing real-time projects. It implements a blend of academic learning and practical exposure that will be aiding in the transformation of naive students to professionals that can be easily recruited in the industry. The curriculum is designed as per latest industry trends and keeping in mind the professional requirement of the student. It will be helping them to get placement in Multinational companies and achieve their career goals.

Are there any prerequisites to take up the course?

It is recommended that the students have a general understanding of the Windows operating system and basic IP networking. There are several online IT courses here on Oho that will help you in familiarizing yourself with navigating the Windows operating system and networking the Windows computers together, which will greatly aid you in the course.

When you as an aspirant are setting up and configuring the Windows Server online, you will be using the VMware Workstation to create a virtual machine. As it is a free trial software you will be getting to know how to set up a virtual machine for many of the purposes, so a deep understanding of this software or virtualization, in general, is not required. You may also install Windows on your own personal physical machine during the course if you prefer to follow along that way.

Who can take the course

The course is designed for IT professionals who have some kind of experience with Windows server. It is specially designed for professionals who are responsible for managing and computing through the Windows server 2018 and will be needing to understand all the scenarios, requirements, storage and computing the various options that are available and applicable. The student must have a basic understanding of networking fundamentals, best security practices, basic knowledge of server hardware and experience in supporting and configuring a Windows client operating system. Freshers and STEM graduates are welcome to take up the course. All of the individual topics are covered which are mostly applicable to most businesses that use these technologies, and it is a great foundation for anyone who is interested in network & server administration and the IT field in general.

What will be taught under the course

The user will be learning the following as part of the windows admin course

  • Introduction to various Windows operating systems
  • Introduction to various server roles
  • Introduction to Windows OS
  • Who are the various OS vendors
  • Installation of Windows Operating System
  • Features of Windows 7 operating system
  • Pinning of applications and folders
  • Post Installation Configurations
  • Configuring VM for various volumes
  • Disk Partitions
  • Local User Administration
  • Local Security Policy / Firewall Infrastructure
  • DHCP Infrastructure
  • DNS Zone Infrastructure
  • Installing Domain Controllers
  • Creating and managing Domain Users and groups
  • Folder Security
  • Real-Time infrastructure Test
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Creating / Setting Configuration by Scenarios

After the training, the student cant has a look at how to prepare for the windows administrator certification which is the Microsoft’s MTA or MCSA certifications as it will be helpful to bag better jobs.


  • Introduction to various Windows operating systems

  • Installing various Windows operating systems

  • Post installation configurations

  • Local User administration

  • Introduction to various server roles

  • Domain User administration

  • Assigning folder permissions

  • Introduction to Domain Trees and Forests

  • Various backup processes

  • FSMO roles and its uses

  • Optimization for peak performances

  • Importance for Windows updates

  • What is an Operating system?

  • Who are the various OS vendors?

  • Difference between Client and Server OS?

  • Different types of editions

  • Prerequisites to install

  • Hardware requirements

  • What are the various pre requirements for installing a Windows OS?

  • What is partitioning in a HDD?

  • File Systems and types of File systems

  • Various editions of Windows client and Server OS

  • Various Licensing types

  • Remote installation of Windows 7 OS

  • Windows Taskbar

  • Jump Lists

  • Pinning of applications and folders

  • Desktop Gadgets

  • Windows 7 Themes

  • Configuring VM for various volumes

  • Minimum VM sizes for various OS

  • Assigning paths for various applications

  • Assigning Hostnames for the machines

  • Assigning IP addresses

  • Types of Disk

  • Types of Partitions

  • Types of volumes

  • What is License?

  • Types of License

  • Creating Local Users

  • Creating Local Groups

  • Assigning permissions for Local Users and Groups

  • Types of Local User Profiles

  • Managing profiles

  • Setting quotas for users

  • Types of Policies

  • Implementing security Policy

  • Configuring Policy settings

  • Configure Windows Firewall

  • Adding DHCP server role

  • Creating scopes and super scopes

  • Understanding DHCP options classes

  • Types of Lookup zones.

  • Zone and Record creations.

  • Testing Lookups

  • What is Domain?

  • Purpose of domain creation

  • Installing a Domain Controller with Windows server 2008

  • Installing a new Windows server 2008 forest

  • Configuring Domain settings

  • Creating and managing Domain Users

  • Creating and managing Domain groups

  • File system types

  • Setting ACL permissions

  • What is Drive mapping?

  • Configuring drives to get mapped for users.

  • Adding IIS server role

  • Configuring and Managing Websites

  • Assigning Aliases names for sites

  • Real Time network / Infrastructure

  • Creating / Setting Configuration by Scenarios



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